Chinese Wedding Gift-Giving Etiquette

March 2nd, 2012  Posted at   China Tradition

There are many rituals and customs about wedding around the world, especially in China. China has a long history and has her own culture. Therefore, there are also many interesting customs for wedding. Many rituals and customs have been lost or amended over thousands of years of civilization. However, the reciprocal gift-giving etiquette is well preserved as a cultural icon.

The newlyweds will visit the bride’s parent’s three days after the wedding. They will bring certain gifts, and the bride’s family is supposed to return part of the gifts, plus some gifts from them. The groom will present her family with a roast suckling pig, a symbol of virginity, to indicate the bride’s purity. The head and tail plus feet and half of the roast pig brought by the groom, which indicates there is a beginning and end. One bottle liquor and one box of cake. Fruit and Sheng Cai, are also brought since it’s a vegetable that has the pronunciation of "lively". Bamboo stick is also included to indicate raising up step after step. Green onion which pronounces as "Cong", the same pronunciation as "plentiful" financially is also the present. There is also baby chicken in lantern box.

Actually since China is such a large country, the culture and custom is diverse from region to region. No matter in which region of China, there are always many interesting customs for wedding and most of them served a same purpose.

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